Trump is FBI: ‘Schoolschutter missed because they spend too much time Ruslandonderzoek’

21ef193e07f7d65975651247ef28d39e - Trump is FBI: ‘Schoolschutter missed because they spend too much time Ruslandonderzoek’

The Us president, Donald Trump has the intelligence, FBI is one swipe from the pan given for their time, which, according to the president is not efficient. ‘Go back to basics and make us all proud!’

The FBI has Friday acknowledged that a tip from the previous month, came in about Nikolas Cruz, the young man who is 17 people doodschoot in his school in Parkland (Florida), were inadequately investigated. “We have determined that our guidelines were not followed in this tip,” she said. “We had that information as life-threatening should consider.’

From the tip it appeared that Cruz violent videos found on the internet, had a tendency to self-harm and possible plan was to have a weapon to use. Also a YouTube vlogger, once to the FBI that he was a video was found which Cruz says that he is ” a professional schoolschutter wanted to be.

‘Unacceptable’, responded the governor of Florida, Rick Scott, that the resignation of FBI director Christopher Wray demanded.

Trump links shooting to Ruslandonderzoek

The American president Donald Trump demands will be no redundancies, but is the fault of the FBI also unacceptable. “It is very saddening that the FBI’s all – but really all of the signals have missed them were sent about the schoolschutter in Florida,” says Trump. “This is not acceptable.’

Then made a Trump seamless the link between the missed tips on the schoolschutter and the research that the American intelligence service to the Russian interference in the American presidential elections. “The FBI spends too much time trying to prove a Russian interference in the Trump campaign,” she said. “There is no interference. Go back to basics and make us all proud!’


In the Ruslandonderzoek are now thirteen Russians accused. The Russian Foreign minister, Sergey Lavrov, denied anew with clamp – ‘total nonsense’ – any interference with the Trump campaign in 2016, but the national security adviser to Trump, H. R. McMaster, said Saturday that the FBI, the interference was ‘irrefutable and without a doubt ” demonstrate.

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