“To every politician who receive money from the gun lobby: Shame on you!’

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Hundreds of students and relatives have, this weekend, argued for stricter wapenwetten after the shooting in a school in Parkland (Florida). A student who the massacre survived, there are passionate speeches: “Enough is enough. Shame on you (shame on you, red.), politicians.’

The tempers are high, sustained during a demonstration for stricter wapenwetten in Florida. Hundreds of people came on the streets as a result of the shooting in a school in Parkland, where a 19-year-old opened fire with a semi-automatic rifle and 17 fatalities made.

‘Shame on you!’

During the speeches of affected family members and students that the attack survived, was the powerful gun lobby National Rifle Association (NRA) Head of Jut. Emma Gonzalez (18) would president Trump, but like a rhetorical question, ” she said. “If the president here wants to come up to me and wants to come and me right in my face tells how tragic this all is and how he got there something to do, I’m going to want to ask you how much money he gets from the NRA. It doesn’t really matter, I know the answer already: thirteen million dollars.’

“To every politician who receive money from the gun lobby NRA: shame on you!’, called the 18-year-old student, that the massacre in Florida, survived by hiding in the school. “Enough is enough: Shame on you, politicians.’ The crowd called out to him: if the answer to the passionate speech from full chest ‘shame on you’.

Support during campaign

During his campaign for the presidential elections in 2016 would Donald Trump, an estimated 11.4 million dollar received support from the NRA. Hillary Clinton would be 19.7 million dollar aid have been given. Reports that the American Center for Responsible Politics.

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