Thousands demonstrate against Porosjenko

36512b342f3b49c4806ebdc9efb36fe7 - Thousands demonstrate against Porosjenko

KIEV – Several thousands of supporters of the Ukraine deported politician Mikhail Saakasjvili in the Ukrainian capital Kiev, the street merged. They are demanding the resignation of the Ukrainian president Petro Porosjenko.

Certainly 2,500 people protested Sunday in the streets of Kiev. The authorities put sure three thousand police officers. Also demonstrated are hundreds of others in the regional capitals, particularly in the middle and west of the country.

The 50-year old Georgian ex-president Saakasjvili, who is married with the Dutch Sandra Roelofs, had called for the demonstrations after he Monday by the border guards in Kiev and was arrested and deported. He lives at the moment in the Netherlands.

The stateless Saakasjvili is a long time away from Georgia and have appeared in Ukraine as a thorn in the side of his former ally, president Petro Porosjenko. Saakasjvili, 2015 recently, governor of the Ukrainian region of Odessa, accused the government of large scale corruption. He was previously the Ukrainian nationality gift, but that is him taken away.

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