The sleeping beauty premiere in Antwerp

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This weekend was in the Theater Elckerlyc in Antwerp, the musical “Sleeping beauty” premiere. The excited room full of little princesses and princes enjoyed the fullest of the age-old fairy-tale, by a Deep Bridge of a contemporary key. It was a magical performance full of interactivity, baking humor, outstanding music and catchy singalong songs. The kids were by the cast encouraged to sing along and dance. And were afterwards with all the actors in the picture.

For actress Tinne Oltmans, who played the role of Sleeping beauty performed her first musical since her studies. As a child she was already, once in ‘The Sound of Music” as Marta Von Trapp. Coincidence was Thomas Van Goethem, which is now the prince Wijnand the honour to wake her up to kiss up as well as Friedrich Von Trapp next to her. Sleeping beauty case for Tin is slightly cooler than in the original story and that you saw on the stage. For her, this is a more than good start in the direction of musical. Tinne Oltmans: “It is for me a return to my first love, the musical. This tastes like more!”

King Walter Baele and queen Liv Van Aelst, if the royals are not at their first entertainden, with witty one-liners for the adults. Laurenz ‘Titus’ Hoorelbeke and Jasmine ‘Fien’ Jaspers were the crazy villains the whole room laugh. Line Ellegiers signed as the dream in that for the magic key. Walter Baele: “Singing and dancing is so far outside of my comfort zone. It has blood and sweat!”

With “Sleeping beauty” shows Deep Bridge to see where his familieshows wants to go: recognizable stories for a young audience, but with more than enough content and humor for the adults a captivating presentation to guarantee. The sets and costumes are magical and fresh, the music is catchy and recognizable and to the interaction with the audience is the biggest attention.

Sleeping beauty runs until Sunday in the Theater Elckerlyc. After relocating the production respectively the Ethias Theater in Hasselt (24 February) and the Capitole in Ghent on 3 and 4 march). The very last tickets are available through

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