‘The jews were also perpetrators during the Second world War’ chases Israel on the cabinet

2036ae3d1e9c5bdbbca3907434f837a9 - ‘The jews were also perpetrators during the Second world War’ chases Israel on the cabinet

The Polish prime minister Mateusz Morawiecki retrieves the anger of Israel at the neck because he has said that it is not prohibited in his country on ” Polish war criminals’ to speak, but that people in mind to keep that ‘there were also jewish offenders were.

A few journalists asked during a veiligheidsconferentie in Munich to the position of the Polish prime minister what criminals during the Second world War. They did that to the rise of a new Polish law, which the criminal makes to talk about ‘the Polish death camps as a result’. The Chamber of Deputies approved in particular the bill that prison puts on the use of terms that the impression that the Polish people responsible would be to the organization of the camps.

The new Polish law led to a diplomatic row with the Israeli leaders, who said that ‘the history can’t change’ and certainly not ‘the Holocaust can deny’. Premier Morawiecki, however, held stubbornly stuck to the new law. ‘Arbeit macht frei are no Polish words”, claimed he.

‘Jewish perpetrators’

When some journalists Morawiecki Saturday asked to his current position, he told surprisingly enough, the first time that he of his mother, who survived the Holocaust, had learned that there were also Poles who, with the Gestapo worked together. The journalists asked whether the Polish prime minister now not just something illegal had said that goes against his own ‘do not say Polish death camps as a result’-law. ‘Yes’, responded Morawiecki, ” here we go, no penalties to speak, for people who say that the Poles also collaboreerden during the Second world War.’

‘But’, so went Morawiecki further, ” you have everything in the right perspective. I can say that during the war Polish perpetrators were. I can also say that Russian men were. I can well say that there is jewish perpetrators were, really, or Ukrainian. There were not only German perpetrators.’

‘Shameful and shameless’

The statements of Morawiecki removed the Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, who was also present on the veiligheidsconferentie directly on the cabinet. “The Polish prime minister is clearly not able to understand the history’, he responded. ‘These statements are disgraceful and shameless. It is a very big problem for us is that people do not understand how sensitive this tragedy.”

Several other attendees mentioned the statements of Morawiecki anti-semitic and warned him to be careful to jump with statements about the Second world War. The call for the Israeli ambassador to withdraw from Poland sounds now louder, though the act is not yet in the mouth.

How many jews died during the Second world War?

In the Second world War left approximately three million European jews life in concentration camps in Poland. That is half of the total number of European jews that died during the war years (5 to 6 million).

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