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So you listen to YouTube… without YouTube

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As a music player, the YouTube app is one enormous disadvantage: as soon as the application exits, for example, to get on Facebook to look, then stops and immediately the music. With the following tricks, for Android and iOS, can you make this issue easy to work around.

Although YouTube is primarily a video platform is, the service is also massively used to listen to music (read: to the sound in the clips). But once you get the YouTube app to leave yet but you smartphonescherm off the fun, while a real music-app like Spotify, at this point, just continue to play.

The solution? Visit the video clip with the YouTube-app, but with a browser. It works, however not with any browser and as an Android user, you will also have a few settings have to change.

For Android:

On this platform, we use a back door of the default browser Chrome. Surf in a new window www.youtube.com and then click at the top right, click the menu button (the three dots). Put in the drop-down menu, a check mark in Desktopsite, navigate to the desired video and press the Play button. When YouTube asks if the site to receive notifications to send, click on Allow. You can Chrome then just leave the music to restart via the spelertje that, and in the meantime the notificatiescherm is published (by calling out from the top of the display down to sweep).

For iOS:

Apple’s Safari turns out to not be suitable to hear the sound from YouTube on in the background to play, and there is also no trick to this browser to the garden. What does work is an alternative browser to install, and more specifically the Dolphin Mobile Browser. The procedure is also almost identical: start on www.youtube.com the movie/muziekfragment that you want to hear and press the home button to exit the browser. You can then select the music to restart via the spelertje on the control Panel of iOS, that you are calling from the bottom of the screen to the top to sweep. The music will continue to play, what you also with your iPhone or iPad.

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