Show acceptance of homosexual elderly people

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Eight amateurs, almost sixty years to eighty plus, participate to the show the Pink Cast of company Introdans. Choreographer Adriaan Luteijn explains the underlying idea.

With the series of performances must be homosexual zestigplussers in seniorenhuizen introduced themselves and their sexual orientation not again have to hide, says the company. The eight participating seniors are chosen from people who have no problem with their sexual preference to the light.

“I had to look at who I also artistically something really could,” says Luteijn. That some of the dancers a little shaky on the legs, however, is not a problem. “Understand the alleroudsten are theatrical and beautiful to look at. It goes to people who in the course of the years, several shells are peeled off, which all have experienced, but now liberated.”

’Sounding guitars’

In Pink Cast people against each other, there seem to be some duo’s, but that happens than it is now, where the surprise strikes. He kept the music and that is ” best funky’, think Luteijn. The piece is also suitable for an older audience. “Sounding guitars, but still very refined and poetic.”

Still aiming for the show, not specifically at an older audience, or the theatre-going public. “We have the next two years, forty performances, for example of the mbo-schools and at healthcare facilities in the country, followed by a discussion. The intention is that the theme at as many people as possible with the elderly. That should lead to LGBT older people in the ouderenstelstel a welcome place and that they can say that they are lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender to have the conversation immediately, silence falls,” says Luteijn. He hopes, therefore, also a lot of other, non-homosexual elderly to achieve, on special ouderenontmoetingspunten.


The idea came from the SWOA, a Dutch organisation concerned with the welfare of seniors. They came with Introdans for the development, a company that in addition to ’ordinary’ dance productions with professional dancers for years, makes performances with ordinary more vulnerable people.

The premiere is on march 1 in the Theatre on the Rijn in Arnhem, the netherlands.

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