Seedorf holds hope for better results after a false start at Deportivo

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Clarence Seedorf lost Saturday also his second duel as a trainer of Deportivo La Coruña. The Dutch coach remains nevertheless optimistic about the chances of the Galicians in the Primera Division.

The 41-year-old Seedorf went with Deportivo for the second time in a row with minimal difference, this time against Real Betis (0-1). The Dutch trainer knows that the road to self-preservation in the highest Spanish league is still long and heavy.

“We will still have to work harder and we’re going to do. There hammer I the last time already,” said Seedorf at the press conference after the match. “The aggressiveness and intensity should be there from beginning to end. The missing us yet, and mentality.”

Nevertheless, the former coach of AC Milan also enough leads. “The game, however, was very promising, I also saw a lot of things to go well. Here we can hope to draw.”

According to Seedorf, it is a matter of time for Deportivo again points going to grab. “We have spent the last two matches will be good opportunities created, but to score goals to make it a little bit right. But there are still plenty of matches to play and points to earn.”

By the defeat of the Saturday Deportivo with seventeen points from 24 matches last. The lead on hekkensluiter Malaga, that in their own stadium with a 1-2 lost to Valencia, is four points.

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