Police Dresden calls neo-nazis stop

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DRESDEN – The police, a protest meeting of neo-nazis in the centre of Dresden ended prematurely on suspicion of sedition. The demonstration on the Postplatz was organized by Holocaust-concealer Gerhard Ittner, who has a criminal record because of his racist and anti-semitic sympathies.

From the two speakers, it has lodged a complaint, told the police Saturday night to know.

Ittner was given to his great anger and that of the participants with the request to scratches. He made the agents for “appointed” and wanted them to be flying. The guard held him against. Ittner introduced is not itself the word, because against him a criminal case.

On the demonstration were about 200 right-wing extremists down. It went quickly wrong. When she as in the nazitijd the Duitslandlied began, enlisted the police immediately the flow of the sound. After the crowd apart, had tried a group, with tegendemonstranten threatening in the area, still go to the Frauenkirche to march. The police loved them. Finally got the 81 persons a restraining order for the centre of Dresden.

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