Plane with 60 passengers crashes in Iran

3a1f98d7bfd8e55432a5b1c625faa65d - Plane with 60 passengers crashes in Iran

TEHRAN – In the south of Iran, is a plane crash with 60 passengers on board. It would go to a unit of Aseman Airlines, on its way from Tehran to Yasuj from the radar disappeared.

The device would be landing in difficult-to-access mountainous area near the town of Semirom. Emergency services are a search started. Bad weather would be a search and rescue helicopter to the place of the disaster have not yet reached.

It is the second major plane crash in a short time. Last week, collapsed in Moscow, a Russian plane with 71 people on board. No one survived the disaster. 2017 was for air passengers understand a very safe year. Worldwide were no people killed in accidents involving large commercial airliners.

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