No energiedipjes more thanks to Sandra Bekkari

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On Monday 19 February Sandra completely veggie. Cauliflower is the main ingredient for the first, surprising dish: a Indian bloemkoolcurry with chickpeas and mango. Afterwards bake them superfoodcrackers: a crispy and nutritious snack which long-lasting energy.

Foodies know that energy drinks have a huge suikerbom and also sent a pardon for the health. Not on Tuesday the 20th of February, as then, Sandra in her own energy drink, without caffeine, but full of vegetables, fruits and spices. “For the week fresh!” Then there are succulent lamb chops with roasted fennel on the menu. This is a dressing of mint, chervil and anchovies, one-for-one special ingredients that perfectly suit together.

Children are king on Wednesday in the Open Kitchen. On 21 February, Sandra chocolate-chip cookies on the basis of quinoa flakes. Then she presents her own, light version of a caesar salad.
Simplicity is a good virtue, that applies to Sandra’s two dishes on Thursday, February 22. Start doing them with a pure soup of mushrooms without cream. A pick-me-up after a crisp winter walk! A mediterranean cuisine dish close off the day: sea bass with a southern tomatensausje and parsnip puree.

“Of baking, I am happy, especially as I also have a healthy cake on the table may convert”, says Sandra. Friday, February 23, makes them a nutritious apple pie with ricotta and citroenvulling. For the weekend, Sandra gives inspiration for an appetiser with courgettes and smoked salmon. “Very quickly done, and quickly,” winks them.

Monday 19/02: Indian bloemkoolcurry with chickpeas & superfoodcrackers
Tuesday 20/02: lamb cutlets with roasted vegetables & healthy energy drink
Wednesday 21/02: Caesar salad & chocolate chip cookies
Thursday 22/02: sea Bass on a sheet pan-fried with parsnip puree & paddenstoelensoep
Friday 23/02: Healthy apple pie & bite of zucchini with salmon

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