“Neighbors see Taylor Swift prefer to leave’

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Taylor Swift is perched in the most expensive neighborhood in New York, Tribeca, and her neighbors are definitely not happy. They are not waiting for the consequences that her celebrity has for their neighborhood. That writes Page Six, that the residents spoke.

Recently expanded Taylor Swift her living space in the popular New York artist district of Tribeca. They already had a huge penthouse of nearly 750 m2 on Franklin Street 155, but bought another one an apartment. Also she would be the adjacent three-storey house next door there bought, where her woningwaarde in the street represents almost 50 million dollars.

The neighbors are, however, not happy with this real estate investment of the popular singer. “We are not waiting on celebrities who have paparazzi or fans bring in. There is regularly a group of teenage girls around the house. Yes, there live more celebrities in the area, but that are less flashy. The more striking stars live mainly in districts like the West Village.”

Bodyguards keep elevator fixed

Clear words, but even more obvious is the language that is customary on a poster on a lamppost in the district: ’Taylor Swift can go f-ck herself’. That anger comes primarily out of concern, says another local resident. “Everyone is afraid that they are the two houses together are going to connect, what a huge verbouwingsproject would be. And that would be a tragedy in our street, which already has a rich history as the renovations go. Already, therefore, there is but one street is shut down, it always runs on a chaos.”

And that is not the only problem that neighbors have. Tenants of the complex at number 155 complain about the discomfort that the world star them delivered. “There is only one elevator and if Taylor comes or goes, want to be her bodyguards, no one else in the elevator. They keep the elevator at the penthouse half an hour.”


It also helps not, that the complex already has a bad reputation because of the controversial former director-general of the International Monetary Fund, Dominique Strauss-Kahn at this address, going into hiding after he was accused for harassment of a hotel desk clerk in 2011, writes Page Six. And in the meantime would the wealthy Swift for her purchase have been sued by real estate agent Douglas Elliman, who complains that the commission of 1.6 million is still not paid.

On top of all that resistance, there is one bright spot for the world famous singer: the people who complain are mainly the traditionally rich people who appreciate their privacy. There is, however, also a whole group of young hip people in the district. “They don’t care that Taylor is,” said the source. None of the neighbors want their name in the New York newspaper… later, they are the following verbal completed in a number of the vengeful Taylor Swift.

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