Mol-fan us. Mol-virgin: We are out of it, Jan was the Mole

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Mol-fan us. Mol-virgin: We are out of it, Jan was the Mole

Metro’s Constance van Amstel, and Erik Jonk track Who is the Mole. Constance looks for years, for Erik, this is his second season. Each week they discuss the broadcast in the column Mol-fan us. Mol-virgin.

Constance: Erik, I’m almost afraid to say this, but after last night, I think suddenly: john is the Mole.

Erik: Damn. Have you been in the WIDM app looked at who I put ALL my points have put?

Constance: For the next time? I can, unfortunately I am not yet see… But.. is it Jan?

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Erik: Yes! Unfortunately for our readers, but here are the results: Jan Versteegh is the Mole.


Constance: Really, all theories like ” John is the Mole, not because his girlfriend was at the time of the shooting turns up very pregnant’ and ‘Jan is too hard to mol’ despite. He is the. When did you know it?

Erik: When he with those boxes smashed in the train, and there are important boxes disappeared. He got me a game of ‘illusion cast’. The episode was called Illusion Pitcher. Then I thought: wait a minute… Where are you?

Constance: In brugopdracht ‘Talk like Brugman’. John is a man, and I was more at the dicks than brushing, just on its Rotterdam to say. Then I thought: hey. The dozenopdracht did him the tie. He has actually a lot of money won?

Erik: In Moltalk turned out that Jan but 950 euros within gehengeld, by far the least. Pity they reported that, because I thought I was the only viewer who had found the solution. But we know Jan by us work a little bit, he can, of course, fine acting. The rest do not.

Constance: And or! That trillipje every week if he is on the red or green screen, wait.., he thinks to have died as a guinea pig or something? So really… I’m still flabbergasted. Who of the candidates has Jan by?

Erik: I think that Simone him suspects, but they never say anything. Although Olcay… da’s a smart. Ruben Hein, who hobbles a bit. Jan Is the best Mole ever?


Constance: Perhaps. But still.. There are also so many clues to Simone! She also has only 70 euros more than Jan pulled in, and I think that it was a parcel from the train threw. Seen?

Erik: The package I saw fall, but it went a little too fast. But hey, Jan defines each command. So he bloedjefanatiek about. Meanwhile, he said on the lampenopdracht his lights do not shine, while he that, between the run through five times, I can fiksen. No, it is Jan. Put the following week but Mollenvanger instead of Molmaagd up this piece.

Constance: I will go with you. We go for Jan. Jan de Mol, sounds fun too.

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