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“Max Verstappen will not for the F1 world title fight”

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According to Red Bull advisor Helmut Marko will be Max Verstappen and team-mate Daniel Ricciardo next season, not for the world title fight, there will be a serious step forward.

“I do not think that we are in a situation where we are already for the world title,” said Helmut Marko, as opposed to ‘Auto, Motor und Sport’.

According to Marko, have Ferrari and Mercedes an advantage, because they are all on a single rider can use, where Red Bull with Daniel Ricciardo and Max Verstappen over two equivalent riders offers both a full chance.

Marko is, however, convinced that a strong rijdersduo such as that of Ricciardo and Verstappen in Red Bull also has advantages.

“When you have two riders who are equally strong then both of them in full for the maximum achievable and they push the technical people and the chassis to the limit,” says Marko. “When you have only one rider has to exceed the limit then you don’t know where you stand.”

Helmut Marko may well expect that Red Bull at the end of the season, not for the world title will be able to compete, he is however convinced that Red Bull immediately at the start of the season for wins will be able to compete. This has to be the Renault engine is also a serious contribution.

“The Renault engine would have been this year to be more reliable and more powerful and we will be at the beginning compete with a competitive chassis,” says Marko forward to the beginning of the season. “Mercedes will, however, with a new engine and the question is whether they have a greater advantage will be. If the motor does what it promises then we would be much closer to Mercedes.”

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