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Maaseik and Roeselare furious about organisation cup final: “to Be treated as a cow”

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Sunday fight Noliko Maaseik and Knack Roeselare against each other in the cup final. On the eve pulling them together to sound the alarm. “As in past years, the bekerfinalisten used as a cow by Topvolley Belgium.” The two top clubs of our country demands that “immediately enter into force without further palaver”.

Soon they will be opposite each other on the volleyball court, but first, they pull together to fight against the Belgian Knzb. “What a great day for both clubs, should be, has now a bitter aftertaste received”, it sounds in a joint communication. “We refuse to the dictates of the Bond. The confidence of both clubs in the bondsinstanties and its leaders is completely gone. We make us great concern.”

The clubs have the feeling that they are treated cow by the Bond. “As in past years, both participating teams to the cup final used to sell cards at a high price. Any consultation about the organization is considered to be interference.”

The two clubs attract the alarm after the Belgian Knzb consultation with the League, the spokesman of the clubs, has blown up. The Knzb “wants from an ivory tower, without knowledge of the facts to stay in control”, writing Maaseik and Roeselare.

Prize money

The two main clubs of Belgium “the game of the Knzb more than fed up” and have few requirements. To say that they’re doing that to the development of professional volleyball in Belgium. The clubs want the organization of the League A Volleyball League is entrusted without interference of the Knzb. Also the prize money from the cup final has to be up. “We are going to be no cup final to play more where there is only 1 500 euros prize money is provided every finalist on more than 300 000 euro income”, sounds.

Finally, requirements to the clubs via the Volley League participation and compensation to the clubs which players to release for the national team. Those players will also be during their time with the national team paid for by the clubs. “This should take effect immediately without further palaver”, they decide.

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