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Laurens Sweeck remains mysterious about the new team

d4a4ff3688b887ba431cdf7816536479 - Laurens Sweeck remains mysterious about the new team

Laurens Sweeck (Era-Circus) could Sunday in the Dutch Hulst seize the closest place of honour after he is in the final lap had stripped Tom Meeusen and Eli Iserbyt. Next season lives Sweeck to another team, but who is his new employer, he wants not to lose.

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“I have almost a whole cross behind the facts we drove to I on two laps from the end, suddenly, jack got in the front”, explained Laurens Sweeck. “We picked also Michael Vanthourenhout on so that we could fight for the closest place of honour. I still had plenty of power in the legs to push something through. I had a bad start behind the back so I had to move to the front. Not easy on this track, but I am able to do that. Next season I will ride for another team but much more clarity can I here now. That the coming weeks, will still be communicated.”

Tom Meeusen took third place and was extremely happy with it. “I’m actually happy that I was there at the end of the season what by am come”, said Tom Meeusen. “I have all this time to continue to work for the smooth in the beginning of the season never. The battle for the final podium spot was extraordinarily exciting. I could from the background move to the front so I could still participate for the second place. Ultimately, I am glad that I am on one of those steps sta. Everyone in the team did well, except for me. I have learned from this season.”

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