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Laura Verdonschot is the best in Vestingcross in Hulst

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The 21-year-old Laura Verdonschot (Marlux-Bingoal) Sunday Vestingcross in the Dutch Hulst in the women’s elite won. She got separated from Ellen Van Loy. The Dutch Ceylin Del Carmen Alvarado was third. World champion Sanne Cant finished ninth.

The Dutch Maud Kaptheijns took the best start. It carried out immediately a large leading group, with Sanne Cant, Ellen Van Loy and the Dutch Manon Bakker. Baker found the pace just is not high enough and accelerated. Immediately she beat a gap. At the end of the first round she got with Verdonschot and Van Loy duo in hot pursuit. What further reason Kaptheijns and Cant. The world fell away, while the Dutch Del Carmen Alvarado advanced to the fifth place.

Halfway repte Van Loy himself into the lead. Baker and Verdonschot followed on a handkerchief. Even before the start of the final lap closed Verdonschot with Van Loy, so we had two leaders. Not for long, however, Verdonschot went straight through it, and let Of Loy in the lurch. She was the final lap commenced with a lead of five seconds on Van Loy. The Dutch Del Carmen Alvarado was in third position nestled and followed at 30 seconds.

Van Loy made on a slope of a bug that prevents Verdonschot her lead further could develop. She came in and took it, immediately its first victory this season.

Earlier in the day was the Czech Tomas Kopecky the best in the juniors. He took it for the Swiss Louis Rouiller and Niels Vandeputte. When the rookie was Salvador Alvarado the strongest. Hugo Kars and Lucas Janssen made for a full Dutch podium.

Laura Verdonschot want to shine in Oostmalle

The 21-year-old Laura Verdonschot took Sunday in the Dutch Hulst the size of everyone. Just before the start of the final lap she let Ellen Van Loy in the lurch. Later she completed her solo perfectly.

“The first couple of laps I had to really accost to be among the first to stay”, said Verdonschot afterwards. “When Ellen Van Loy in the lead reed, was the gap with its ever-smaller. I went up to Van Loy, and had her right behind me. Then I had no more doubt, I am full of continued.”

The season of Verdonschot was overshadowed by ill health, so had she with a darmschimmel. “I have this season, my part had. Actually I wanted to do after the world championship the bike on the stable and rest. Fortunately, I have not done this”, laughed Verdonschot. “I also hope still to be in Oostmalle, the sluitingscross. This victory makes already a lot of good, though I was never at ease in. Until the very end, I remained on my guard to no mistakes to make. I also took no risk. This I was not more hands-off. This victory is already nice on my palmares.”

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