Jennifer Aniston and Justin had dreamed of a love-nest all ready

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The editors of the interieurblad Architectural Digest anything properly when Thursday their calls, piece by piece, a nieuwsalarm mean surrendering: Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux went from each other. And that while the editors of the magazine just to the cocktails were release to celebrate the song in which Jennifer Aniston is full of verve talks about the love nest both of them, writes Page Six.

The house in Bel Air was the place where Jennifer Aniston is finally would settlen, and would be happy, of course, with her husband, Justin Theroux, as is to be read in the article on the website of Architectural Digest. “There was a time that I thought of something romantic had to be every three months for my stuff to pack and move to a different place to move. Now I’m more critical in the projects that I accept,” she says. “I look around here, see my husband and my dogs and our house and there is no other place I would rather want to be.”

This ruling will give them a few months before the magazine last week in the shops came to be, if not already done, but the timing is now for the makers of the article, however, is very unfavourable. After all, it is the same week in which Aniston and her beloved Justin Theroux hit the headlines cited because of their break-up. They gave about themselves, a statement, called no reason, but it was immediately suggested that the homelands of both was a problem: Jennifer would feel at home in Los Angeles, where her friends live, Justin loves New York.


A source confirms this suggestion on Page Six. Jennifer Aniston would definitely have tried to settle in New York, Manhattan. She has tried her home from Justins house in Greenwich Village. “But Jen could get her turn, but not finding in the hokkerige apartment and with the many paparazzi who constantly in front of the house stood. She was not happy and she is really not as easy and natural as she would like to happen.” They would the city like to escape to find some privacy on her vast estate in Bel Air and, preferably, she had Justin, of course. “But Justin felt neither at home in LA. He loves New York with his less polished crowd.” Is that Justin is busier than ever, with three movies in the pipeline.

Yet they founded together Jennifer’s house in Bel Air. “Justin wanted to be there per se are involved,” says the Friends actress, who says, love to be on the set up of the houses, in the interview in the architectuurblad. “I had to really learn how I have the voice of someone else in the design process could insert. I discovered that it didn’t work to right any suggestion on his part to reject.”


But he is in the organisation involved, to live he will not get more. And how frustrating it must be for the glamourkoppel that the love for their mutual cities was greater than their love for each other, it fits well with the motto that Aniston also holds for the choice of designer furniture in her house: “Sexy is important, but comfort is essential.” And that comfort that she does not now give for her sexy ex-husband.

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