Israel denounces ruling Polish premier

4916267ed945a19e7d40f5e38f312b72 - Israel denounces ruling Polish premier

MUNICH – The Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu has loudly taken to the Polish minister-president Mateusz Morawiecki, who had said that Jews contributed to the Holocaust. Netanyahu mentioned the words of his Polish counterpart “shameful.”

Netanyahu wants, as quickly as possible with Morawiecki speak. “The problem here is the inability to understand the history and a lack of empathy for the tragedy of our people”, responding to the prime minister.

Morawiecki did his impugned judgment times joining the international security conference in Munich. He was by an Israeli journalist asked about a new law in Poland, which makes it a criminal offense to Poland or the Polish state responsible for the crimes that nazis in the country have committed.

The journalist asked whether it is also a criminal offence to say that there were Polish collaborators during the Second world War. “It is extremely important to first of all understand that, of course, it is not an offence, not as a criminal is seen, to say that Polish perpetrators were, just as there are Jewish perpetrators were, just as there are Russian perpetrators were, just as there Ukrainian were”, replied Morawiecki.

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