Husband of murdered British politician way to MeToo

cce63543d6aa47362e03f9163b3d283f - Husband of murdered British politician way to MeToo

LONDON – Brendan Cox, the widower of 2016 murdered British member of parliament Jo Cox, has its function laid down in to two charities after a new accusation to address of sexual misconduct. He’s getting on with More in Common and Jo Cox Foundation, because his work “a lot harder” has become.

The two charities he had created after his wife by a right-wing extremist was killed. Cox was already in 2015, accused of misconduct during his time at Save the Children. He got there when, on. Not long after, he would in the United States, a woman raped, for example, a British newspaper recently to the outside.

That last time he denies. However, says Cox, that he in his time with Save the Children about the wrote is gone, and in a statement apologized for his behavior in the past.

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