Huizenjagers go looking for house for charmezanger Nils Landers

10bd8472ba34e8dcdf2a3a7a0c856634 - Huizenjagers go looking for house for charmezanger Nils Landers

n the wake of the river Leie, between Ghent and Kortrijk, brokers Joes, Julie and Benjamin in the week of 19 February to find the coolest locations in both East – and West-Flanders. The Dutch Joes followed her heart to the Lys. Together with her husband she runs for years a private immokantoor. With a mix of Dutch flair and juicy Ghent dialect, know Joes both her fellow agents and the prospective buyers to charm. The 25-year-old Julie runs with her father a real estate agency in Izegem. She is the benjamin of the group, but certainly not to be underestimated: with the right makelaarsgenen, an extremely friendly approach and very much professional knowledge can Julie high eyes. A formidable rival for both ladies is Benjamin, the battle in Kortrijk and the ultimate connoisseur of the Leisestreek . His secret weapon? A good dose of humor. Or humour, as his colleagues also call.

Huizenjagers – Every Monday.e.m. Thursday at 19h45 on FOUR.

Hanne and Joachim
Monday 19 February
Hanne and Joachim are looking for a ready to move in, bright house in the near Kruishoutem with enough space for a future family. Brokers Joes, Julie and Benjamin open the hunt for the perfect house in the Lys. Joes start the week in style and presents a chic rural kijkwoning. After some cleaning and kluswerk is also Benjamin is ready to take the prospective buyers to receive in his house. Julie goes for a fully renovated townhouse.

Nils and Jorg
Tuesday, February 20,
Nils (charmezanger and barber) along with his partner Jorg looking for a commercial conveniently located property where both a barber shop as a huisverbeteringscentrum in houses. A beautiful living space and a nice garden could make their dream complete. Julie takes the torque to a former veterinarian practice in the heart of Wevelgem. And she has a nice surprise, because with a virtual reality-glasses, she can Nils and Erik already had a foretaste of the potential of the property.

David and father Guido
Wednesday, 21 February
Triathlete David goes along with his father, Guido, in search of a modern home with two bedrooms, large windows and a nice garden. Julie picks up again with her 3D glasses and shows them to renovate property with lots of potential. The tour is done entirely in the West-Flemish, which the brokers in the car, still not really able to follow… Benjamin for father and son, a brand new new build found, with an ideal location. Joes go for a kijkwoning that a bit further, but a lot of extra advantages.

Elina and Yuri
Thursday, 22 February
Chemist Elina and joiner Yuri are just married and have the search for one’s own house open. Joeri would like to be at home his job as a carpenter should be able to do so, the couple is looking for a home with a hangar of 500m2, preferably as close as possible to Ghent in a SME zone. For their new home, they have a whopping 725.000 euro.

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