Higler: “I saw Lozano hit, clear’

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Referee Dennis Higler did Saturday not have to think long when he is the arm of PSV there Hirving Lozano to the rear in the direction of the face of Lucas Woudenberg of SC Heerenveen saw.

“I had a pretty good field of view. I saw a percussive movement to the rear, with power and speed,” said Higler at FOX Sports. “My assistant also came directly on the line with ‘red, red, red!’. For us, it was the decision, therefore, quite clear.”


The referee hesitated to say that for quite a while, but withdrew when the red card for the Mexican seasoning of PSV. Higler saw after the turbulent competitieduel in Eindhoven (2-2) the images back. “Let me tell you first that we have this kind of percussive movements to the back from the football. But I can imagine that if you used the images to see, especially in slow motion, that you doubt.” Higler has on the competition form completed in Lozano red for hitting an opponent.

‘Victim’ and Woudenberg will find that logical. “I got hit, my lip is thick. I was hit, I go for the joke, are you? Further, it is up to the referee.” For Lozano threat of a suspension for the top match of next week against Feyenoord.

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