Gunman opens fire on churchgoers

0b61f5c7ff2e5995f8afe7396e169b61 - Gunman opens fire on churchgoers

MACHATSJKALA – A gunman in the Southern Russian region of Dagestan, the fire opened on people that the Russian orthodox festival Maslenitsa (pannenkoekenfeest) celebrated. In addition, at least five women were killed and five persons injured.

According to a police source in the city of Kizliar, where the attack took place is the 22-year-old gunman by security services shot and killed. He was in possession of a shotgun and a knife. The motive for the shooting is not yet known.

The mayor of Kizliar told that the victims a church service left when the man started shooting. Four women died on the spot, the fifth died in the hospital. Among the injured are two police officers.

In the north Caucasus, where Dagestan is located, will regularly be firefights, particularly against the authorities. In the region to fight criminal gangs and radical islamic groups against the central government.

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