Fire hits ‘sacred temple in Tibet

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A large fire has one of the most sacred and political sensitive areas in Tibet affected. It is unclear whether the Jokhang temple in Lhasa, heavily damaged.

On images online is to see how big flames through the roof of the monastery store. The fire broke out a day after the start of the Tibetan nieuwsjaarsvieringen.

The Chinese state media it is that the fire Saturday night has broken out and quickly extinguished. Allegedly hit, no one injured.

The temple complex at the capital of Lhasa, which is at 3,600 meters altitude in the Himalaya, has for centuries been an important buddhist place of pilgrimage and was in 2000 included on the world heritage list of Unesco.

How the fire originated and how big the damage to the temple is remains unclear. The Temple complex houses a large number of historical treasures, including important manuscripts and more than 3,000 images of Buddha.

There are reports that the Chinese authorities in Tibet since the fifties to control, the dissemination of images of the fire trying to stop it.

The Tibetan writer Tsering Woeser said to news agency AFP that she is very worried about the state of the monastery. ‘Tibetans consider Lhasa as a holy place, but Jokhang is a sacred place within that holy place, the most sacred in Tibet.”

Robert Barnett, an expert in contemporary Tibet, says the Chinese control over the news, People do fear that the complex a lot of damage has incurred.

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