Everything goes according to plan with Voice-winner Jim van der Zee

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Everything goes according to plan with Voice-winner Jim van der Zee

Jim wins the Voice. /REUTERS

Participation in The Voice was Jim van der Zee (23) further in his career. The next step is to remain.

Only a few seconds of Amar Pelos Dois had a coach a few times during his audition need to hear: this is ‘m, this is the winner. Four months later they are right and won Jim van der Zee (23) with conviction, the eighth season of The Voice of Holland.


“Yes, it is nice actually,” says Jim two days after the victory, by phone at Metro. His distinctive dark voice is clearly not yet collapsed under the cheer. Stronger still: he is extremely calm. “I’m probably now very busy, but the falls all along. In my head is now quiet and I have a lot of meaning in what there are now all going to happen,” said the new Voice winner.

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Just as the participation to The Voice that was, also the next steps in Jim’s career choices. Together with his coach behind-the-scenes Basja Chanowski of talentscoutbureau Jellyfish is the musician, now continues with its ’masterplan’. That he now, quite a few extra connections in the music world, is a nice bonus. “Anouk, but also the other coaches have said to me to want to help when I need them. I think that’s very cool.”


To Anouk he has anyway received a lot during the months that the program is part of his life was. And not only on a musical level. Jim: “She has given me personally lots of rest because they are very much themselves. I look with admiration towards because that is how I want. I notice that people who are in the spotlight is soon likely to be for the safe option to choose and away from themselves to go to but no shit from others about him. Anouk is not afraid of it. She says what she thinks and does not occur otherwise, for as soon as there is a camera aimed at her. Maybe it sounds a bit philosophical, but that is what I was indirectly taught her have this time.”

During the finals, it was also clear that She next year group gets of Lil’ Small; he takes over for at least a year, the place of Miss Montreal in as a coach. Or Lil’ Small his pupils will soon be just as much as it can give as well as She knows Jim is not. “I know Lil,” no, not really. Or should I say Mr. Small? Anyway; I know him and his music is not good, so can’t say about it. I think in any case, not that it matters that he’s a rapper. Just like Ali B, he can then also fine singers to coach, because you are as a coach, not a singing teacher. Everyone who participates can sing and as a coach you need them only in the correct direction guide. If he can, he is a good coach.”


Jim is now on his future career focus. In five years, hope he has a well-established name, ” he says. “Then I’m 28 and hope I have some albums to have brought with my own music. I hope that people like me know. That they me on the radio to hear and think: Hey, that’s Jim van der Zee. And I’m going to get very hard my best to do.”

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