Erdogan’s Germany visit

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MUNICH – After the release of the German journalist Deniz Yücel from a Turkish cell, the Turkish government is hopeful that the heightened travel advice from Germany and Turkey to be undone. That has the Turkish prime minister Binali Yildirim said during the Veiligheidsconferentie in Munich.

In July, after the German human rights activist Peter Steudtner in Turkey was arrested due to support to an armed terrorist organization, strengthened Germany the travel advice for Turkey. The ministry of Foreign Affairs warned against arbitrary arrests in all parts of the country could occur, including the regions by tourists to be visited.

Steudtner was in October released. Friday came Yücel, the most prominent German prisoner on charges of terrorism in a Turkish cell was free. According to the ministry of Foreign Affairs, however, there are five other political prisoners in Turkey who have the German nationality.


Yildirim: “We hope that the advice is withdrawn.” Turkish president Erdogan wants to go to Germany as soon as the new government came to power. That says Yildirim against the German media.

Despite the negative travel advice is the German leisure to Turkey, incidentally, is less diminished than expected. “This year, there are 50 percent more reservations booked’, underlined Yildirim. “I think that there is still more to be if the advice is reversed.”

Also the Turkish minister of Foreign Affairs Mevlüt Cavusoglu see the relations with Berlin the good way to go. During a conversation with his German counterpart Sigmar Gabriel, there was a “positive climate”, said Cavusoglu in the Turkish media. He stressed however that “not all is over.” Mutual prejudices should now be lifted.

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