Debut Ali B. already attracts 100,000 visitors

a4d1e23ea4533854e609f38af5747727 - Debut Ali B. already attracts 100,000 visitors

Already more than 100,000 visitors since February 1, the Flemish-Dutch film Patser in the Dutch cinemas seen. In the past 25 years, reached no other Flemish production of such a large audience in the Netherlands, says film distributor Dutch FilmWorks.

Patser is the third movie of director duo Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah. The crime film tells the story of four young people from Antwerp that a cokedeal sabotage and the drugs themselves verpatsen. Therefore, there arises a bendeoorlog in Amsterdam, Antwerp and Morocco is fought. Ali B makes his acting debut in the role of mafia boss Hassan Kamikaze.

In Belgium were 100,000 visitors in the first week after the release of Patser met. Last week was the directing couple, a Platinum Film award for 200,000 visitors in the Flemish cinemas.

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