Congolese president Kabila re-involved in traffic accident

81decd1b097e157e26d2c424f918c45d - Congolese president Kabila re-involved in traffic accident

The Congolese president Joseph Kabila has remained unscathed in a car accident in Zambia, as has the local press reported.

In the capital, Lusaka, drove a light truck of the car in which president Kabila and Zambian minister of Foreign Affairs Joe Malinji were.

The two politicians remained unharmed, to report the Zambian newspapers the Observer and the Lusaka Times, those photos published of damaged vehicles. There would be no victims.

Earlier this week, the convoy of the president ever involved in an accident when the president to the Congolese capital, Kinshasa terugreed. It came three soldiers and two civilians. A spokesman said that “heavy rainfall” the accident had caused.

Kabila brings since Saturday a two-day visit to Zambia for a meeting with his counterpart Edgar Lungu. The two countries have a common border of 2.100 km.

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