Ceo The Weinstein Company dismissed

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Filmproductiebedrijf The Weinstein Company chairman and ceo David Glasser the avenue from sent. There is no reason given for his dismissal, but most likely, he is blamed that he failed to protect employees from the alleged sexual misconduct of ex-boss Harvey Weinstein.

Glasser held within the company include working with the personnel policy. Therefore, he was responsible for handling all complaints by employees.

A week ago harnessed the attorney-general in New York filed a lawsuit against The Weinstein Company, Harvey Weinstein and his brother Bob, the company currently runs. Recently, there were also negotiations for The Weinstein Company to sell to investors, but which are, according to insiders shut down because of the lawsuit.

The affair around the well-known Hollywood producer keeps the tempers from October last year. This won the hashtag MeToo last year, quickly gained notoriety. Dozens of women with allegations to the address of Harvey Weintein come. That has, however, denied ever women to have sex forced.

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