Case kasteelmoord Tuesday really start

21ba116d4a3081ed006dd87bc2436a5a - Case kasteelmoord Tuesday really start

BRUGES – Almost a year after the pro-forma session is the notorious case of the kasteelmoord next Tuesday start. For the murder of the Belgian lord Stijn Saelens in 2012, four suspects. Among them the Dutchman, Roy L., the murder would have done with his now deceased uncle Ronny B. from Eindhoven.

L. has known partly. Evert C. from Zeeland would be like ‘moordmakelaar’ have occurred. The father-in-law of the victim, André G., the command would have given to the murder in the Flemish Wingene. The fourth suspect, Pierre S. the role as an intermediary. The body of Saelens was two weeks after the murder found near a chalet of S. in Maria-Aalter.

Evert C. would have played a role in the recruiting Of B. This last was on the day of the murder by his cousin L. to the castle in Wingene. L. would also have helped to the body of the victim buried.

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