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British sprintkampioen Kilty should world cup indoor skip

4a0060a958a3d5194db9b186d8a4bb88 - British sprintkampioen Kilty should world cup indoor skip

The British atletiekploeg has an important medaillekandidaat see, is out for the world CHAMPIONSHIP indoor of next month in Birmingham. Sprinter Richard Kilty, the world champion of 2014 at the 60 metres, walked during the national championships a achillespeesblessure. Kilty had, therefore, a point put behind his indoorseizoen.

“As the most successful British indooratleet of the last few years, this is very difficult, but I have my health to think”, wrote the 28-year-old sprinter on Twitter. Kilty conquered in 2015 and 2017 the European indoortitel. The Brit surprised in 2014 when the world cup indoor in the Polish city of Sopot by the gold to deal 6,49 seconds, still his personal record.

Kilty counts as a real specialist in the short sprints. The 100 meters is for him too far, he ran away never under ten seconds.

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