Aviation disaster to ” in Iran: 66 dead

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TEHRAN – In the south of Iran, a plane crashed with 66 people on board. It is a unit of Aseman Airlines, on its way from Tehran to Yasuj from the radar disappeared. All occupants are to the life to come.

The aircraft came down in hard accessible mountainous area near the town of Semirom. Emergency services are a search started. Bad weather would be a search and rescue helicopter to the place of the disaster have not yet reached.

It was going to be an ATR-72 French-Italian origin. The Dutch ministry of Foreign Affairs let know the situation to monitor closely, and will investigate whether Dutch passengers onboard the aircraft were.

It is the second major plane crash in a short time. Last week, collapsed in Moscow, a Russian plane with 71 people on board. No one survived the disaster. 2017 was for air passengers understand a very safe year. Worldwide were no people killed in accidents involving large commercial airliners.

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