Whistleblower: ‘Doping in Russian football was in was a cover up of Mutko’

8eee758abc17a107ee523d652f9d216e - Whistleblower: 'Doping in Russian football was in was a cover up of Mutko'

According to Grigory Rodchenkov, Russia has dopinggevallen from the football world in the cover up stopped. The whistleblower says that he positive tests under the pet had to keep from the then sportminister Vitaly Mutko.

“Russian football players were immune to doping controls and sanctions,” says the in the United States hiding Rodchenkov to news agency AP. “Mutko claimed immunity for them.”

Rodchenkov was as the director of the Russian antidopinglaboratorium summoned to any dopinggevallen not in the public domain. “Mutko told me that I scandals was to avoid positive tests to cover up.”

“If players have different values showed, if those results are not in the system of the global anti-doping agency WADA land”, says Rodchenkov.

Mutko, today, deputy prime minister under Vladimir Putin, would Rodchenkov fooled into thinking that doping caught players by the national bond addressed would be.

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Head in the sand

The FIFA is thanks to Rodchenkov in possession of evidence of 34 dopingzaken in the Russian football. Between the accused football players were also players from the world cup selection in 2014.

Chairman Gianni Infantino had recently know that he is not worried about doping in the Russian football. “If there’s a serious problem, then we now have of conscience”, said the Swiss.

According to Rodchenkov wants the wereldvoetbalbond the truth, however, is not to face. “He sticks his head in the sand,” said the whistleblower, who is now using the WADA 59 specific questions received from the FIFA.

“The investigation is still ongoing”, responds the FIFA, which in the short term clarity. “WADA has explained to us that the analysis of all the samples a few weeks can last. We can’t punish to comment on the basis of mere conjectures or limited facts.”

World cup

With the eye on the world cup next summer, host Russia under enhanced surveillance. As a result of the doping scandal came Mutko, who is a lifetime suspension from the IOC, already down as chairman of the organising committee.

The opening of the world cup is on June 14. Host country Russia plays the first team contest against Saudi Arabia.

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