Virginia Rens responds to criticism after ’no’ donor registration

3e1aee5e48ab38b1364d28f77bc3c364 - Virginia Rens responds to criticism after ’no’ donor registration

Virginia Rens calls Dutch people are more respect for people who consciously choose not to give consent for organ donation. Last week was the 23-year-old wife of Peter Jan Rens a lot of criticism about her, after she put on Facebook had indicated no organ donor. Saturday, she responded to this criticism and also made Peter Jan donorkeuze known.

“After all the fuss about my No to donor registration, I ask everyone to make choices to respect. Never just things call. Everyone has his own reason to do something or not to do,” explains Virginia.

“I have respect for the people that do so, but also for the people who don’t do”, continues the former realityster. She says her own reason to have to consent for organ donation to deny. To people who don’t agree with her, let them know: “I know that there are people who have a heart or a kidney in need, and to yearn to stay with their families. That is not to say that I that people would rather die, see, because I no have said.”


“People have respect for each other and let everyone in its value and make sure you have someone with a free feeling. Because nobody wants to be captured,” she concludes her plea.

The new donorwet was Tuesday adopted in the First Room. A narrow majority of the senators voted for. The law stipulates that all Dutch people in the future donor, unless they explicitly object.


Peter Jan Rens (67) entered Saturday in the discussion. He let Facebook know that if he dies his 44 years younger woman to decide whether his organs for transplantation are available.

Last year January trading, Peter Jan and Virginia in the marriage. The events around the wedding were by RTL recorded for the reality tv series, Do they or do they not. The couple has two children.

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