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Verhoeven in summer to work with new film

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The recording of the new Paul Verhoeven film Blessed Virgin go upcoming summer started. That has the French producer of the film to the world.

Verhoeven announced last year already that he is a film was about a lesbian nun. It is an adaptation of the book Immodest Acts that of the author Judith C. Brown. It is an erotic drama.

Belgian actress

Verhoeven has for the starring the Belgian actress Virginie Efira snared. It has for some time also about the French nationality. The production company: SBS Productions is also of the party. That was also the case with the French film Elle that Verhoeven made.


With the movie, Elle has garnered Consistent high praise. The lead actress Isabelle Huppert was nominated for an Oscar and she won also a Golden Globe. Before he and Elle made, he was for ten years not involved in a feature film.

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