The couples of Blind Married, leave on their honeymoon

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Now the five Blind Married couples, piece by piece, a fun wedding party behind the spine, and it is time for the next step: the honeymoon. On a beautiful, quiet location they can finally under their just the two of us, without prying family or friends in the area and especially: without the nerves associated with the question “who will I be in the wedding?”.

Mike and Marjoleins first day together went like a dream. Their expectations are also very high-strung. They’ll keep in Fuerteventura?

Dear was not feeling attracted to Aljosja and asked in Marbella aloud whether that will still come. What is undisputed, is that they very well can talk and that they are ready to work. On a trip to scare the two soon, but in a good or bad sense?

Damiano and Wendy have a lot to discuss on the trip, and they do that also. Wendy is, after all, uncertain and still do not know very well what Damiano her. She is also determined to get the right answers in Gran Canaria.

Despite the fact that Tim and Esther (yet) not in love – anyway, not a must for this experiment they do on Lanzarote is still something very romantic for each other to show that they really want to go, and that they are happy with their match.

Show and Three finally, celebrate in Tenerife that she was already 48 hours are married. The two discover on the conveyor belt of similarities between them, and soon forged a bond.

Blind Married, Monday at 20.35 on VTM.

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