Temptation-Megan: “The condoms were too small”

cf27690e3386922f39df3aae7907cee4 - Temptation-Megan: "The condoms were too small"

Earlier this week there was the broadcast of the fourth episode of Temptation Island to see that Megan (18) is both outside and between the sheets has entertained with a tempter, Joshua. Now, confession them in a program of Goedele Liekens on that they are having unsafe sex have had.

“The other times, that night. There were condoms, but these were just too small,” replies Megan on the question of Goedele whether they did secure had done. According to Nieuwsblad, the production of Temptation Island for the next days larger condoms purchased.

In addition to this revelation, Megan also let us know that Kevin is not five times is cheating, but after the program to know that he is still more a bit on the side has committed. “Even when we were together all the way to Malta, he has deceived me. I think he’s nine or ten times”, says the eighteen-year-old Flemish clean in Goedele On Top.

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