Sweden naturaliseert in Iran sentenced to death a pro Djalali

036d2c5882b14ec41489d17bac9af0a4 - Sweden naturaliseert in Iran sentenced to death a pro Djalali

Sweden has Ahmadreza Djalali, UNIVERSITY guest lecturer in Iran is stuck for espionage, naturalized in the hope of death penalty to avoid. That the Swedish ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed.

The Iranian doctor, who is also a professor at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, was in 2016 in Iran arrested and later convicted for espionage. That he did, according to Iran in command of the Israeli secret service, Mossad.

Despite international pressure, also from Belgium, got Djalali the death penalty. A few weeks ago was the death penalty temporarily suspended because Djalali in the appeal was gone. But the Supreme court refuses the case, however, have to be revised.

Sweden has now naturalised. “We have regular contact with Iranian representatives, and have access to Djalali asked,” says a spokeswoman for the Swedish ministry of Foreign Affairs. “We also have the Swedish position on the death penalty, that we in all shapes condemn, from the canvases done. Our claim is that the death penalty is not carried out.’

According to the UN, Iran has the man no fair trial is given. Djalali denies the espionage activities. According to Amnesty International, the scientist for three months in solitary confinement, sat down, and he is tortured. Djalali wrote, according to the human rights organization in August a letter that he is being held because he refuses to for Iran spying.

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