Sunday demolishes Philippe Geubels the taboo of poverty

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In the next episode of Taboo, is now Sunday the 18th of February, people in poverty central.

A growing group in the society lives below the poverty line. Apart from the financial aspect, has to live in poverty on a personal level often have far-reaching consequences. People in poverty often get the reproach that they were the problems themselves to thank, or not enough effort to get out climbing. The stigma around poverty is large and remains often to someone stuck, even after the financial problems of the job.

Marie-Helene (48) has a phd in applied economic sciences and ended up in poverty after her business in coaching and foot reflexology, went over the head. Slowly, she works herself to the top of the financial woes. Especially for her children, she finds that particularly hard.

Danny (52) grew up in a disadvantaged family. For him, the great problem of poverty is not the financial aspect but the damage and consequences of social exclusion. That took care of him for that he difficult from his disadvantaged environment could wegraken.

Nicole (73) inherited after the death of her husband 2.5 million Belgian franc debt. She was alone with four children and ended up in a system of mediation of debts and heavy payments. They must still be 85 euros per week.

Nancy (48) fed to a large piece of her own brothers and sisters. For school, they usually do not have the time. And yet it is by the aid of a teacher that they are out of the disadvantage is touched. That said to her once: “Do your best, Nancy, you can do that.” And that is also shown.

Taboo, Sunday night with Philippe Peubels on One .

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