Security adviser: ‘Evidence of Russian interference irrefutable’

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The national security adviser of the Us president, Donald Trump says that the Russian interference in the American elections is now ‘irrefutable’. He does that after the court thirteen Russians in a state of accusation. Russia denies.

National security advisor H. R. McMaster says that the FBI, the Russian interference in the elections of 2016, incontrovertibly and without doubt demonstrates.

Friday has Rober Mueller, the special prosecutor who is leading the investigation, new details published about the way in which Russia’s presidential elections, tried to influence. The indictment of 37 pages accuses thirteen Russians and three organisations of many years of plot to the elections in the favor of Donald Trump to do expired.

“As you are in charge of the FBI can see, the evidence is now irrefutable and available,” said McMaster in a veiligheidsconferentie in Germany.

The national security advisor said after the Russian minister of Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov on the same stage the allegations detract as nonsense. “Until we facts see, all the rest just mumbo jumbo,’ he stated.

The study of the U.S. and the charges can Russia, according to McMaster as possible to convince to stop. ‘Russia evaluates possible which it is, because it just doesn’t work.’


The indictment specifies that Yevgeny Prigozin, an ‘ally’ of the Russian president Vladimir Putin, the group financed with the strategic goal to divide and conquer in the American political system. Not only would the Russians social media is flooded with pro-Trumppropaganda, Russian agents would also have the secret to the US are gone. There they did as Americans, and contacted them political activists. They were more concerned with the organisation of rallies to Trump support.

The goal was also the campaign of Clinton to disrupt, what it sounds like. So they would have an American protester have convinced to pose as Clinton in a gevangenisuniform to dress up in a cage in a demonstration ride. Also, according to the indictment, for example, muslims and blacks via Instagram called not voting, or voting for the Green candidate Jill Stein.


Mueller also examines whether there is cooperation of Russians with the campaign team of Trump, but the president sees in the accusations, the evidence of his innocence. ‘Russia is to be anti-American campaign started in 2014, long before my candidacy for the presidential elections submitted’, tweette he.

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