Sam Louwyck: I’ve totally misunderstood

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Sam Louwyck provides for the fuss his appearance in Van Gils & Guests. The actor was last week for the fourth time convicted of drunkenness behind the wheel. He was repeat offender with a driving ban of three months, a fine of 3,200 euros, and he needs his driving test re-take. Louwyck find that punishment is very strict. In Van Gils & guests he had on a witch hunt. He confessed, however, guilt and showed remorse, but found nevertheless that “the population is increasingly being treated as a bunch of undersized individuals’. He also found that not only perpetrators, but also their children to be punished, because that ‘ not more to soccer can be brought.” Louwyck kicked by the statements in many sore toes, not only to the next of kin of victims of road accidents by the way.

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