Sacha Polak makes first English-language film

373ea43aa5d1faf3a741f9916a4c5011 - Sacha Polak makes first English-language film

Director Sacha Polak is her first English-language film. She turns over the coming weeks Dirty God in London, Amsterdam and Morocco, made distributor Cinéart Friday known.

The film tells the story about the young mother, Jade, that her life should see to pick up after a zoutzuuraanval where they have big scars on has held. The role of Jade, is played by the British non-professional actress Vicky Knight. She is gestreetcast by Lucy Pardee, who is also the girl from the art-house hit Fishtank found.

Other roles are played by Bluey Robinson, Rebecca Stone, Katherine Kelly and Dana Marineci (COBAIN). The film is rotated by Ruben Impens, the cameraman who earlier hits such as The Broken Circle Breakdown and Raw made.

Sacha Polak previously made the critically acclaimed films Zurich and the Sky. For Sky, she won several awards, including an award at the Festival of Berlin.

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