Ruth Becquart is rarely recognized

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It’s thick five years ago that Ruth Becquart broke through with her role in the Clan. In GVA asks her if her life has changed since the series. “Actually it is. I’m off to theater school, went to theatre to going to do, and then came ‘Clan’ happen to be on my path. I have to say: filming, it was love at first sight. It is a special way of working, a crazy combination of personal experience for the camera and at the same time collaborate with a large team. It is a feeling that you almost no one can explain. I hope that this is still a very long time to do so. And that sudden fame…. It was not as far-reaching as you might think. Because I the publicity never looking, I think. And apparently, I am rarely recognized. That is of course because I constantly change the look. I find it very nice to be there on time and was about to transform.”

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