Polish cow escapes from slaughterhouse and swims to island

3fc7ba10e07abb04b3571b0aca473e43 - Polish cow escapes from slaughterhouse and swims to island

Warsaw – Poland has its own cows-gate. A cow escaped last month in a spectacular manner from a Polish slaughterhouse, and will be staying for three weeks on a small island.

That reports the NOS. The owner of the slaughterhouse saw the attempted escape of the cow. When employees have the animal again tried to catch it, broke one of her legs. The animal fled still, and swam towards a small island.

The cow is after a number of attempts still not caught. The farmer, therefore, decided to her every day.

Even the fire brigade came into action to get the animal to catch, but this was not a success. Attempts to get the animal to numb went to nothing.


The owner wants his cow still go back, but considering her to be shot by a hunter. Polish politicians did not agree, and find that the animal must stay alive.

Politician and former singer, Pawel Kukiz has via Facebook to let us know that he personally wants to pay for the cow, a secure old age, to provide.

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