Police dropped investigation later kerkschutter Devin Kelley

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SAN ANTONIO – The American authorities have in 2013 an opportunity to leave to the later kerkschutter Devin Kelley to prosecute for rape. He shot last year 26 people died in Sutherland Springs. Previously was all commotion as the man in spite of a condemnation yet more firearms could buy.

Local media reports that a woman in 2013, notification was made of the alleged sexual abuse. Also the ex-wife of Kelley did in a written statement, a book open on his violent behavior. “He has me for a year, beaten, choked, kicked and gewaterboard”, she according to the newspaper San Antonio Express-News.

The police would the investigation have ceased because the alleged victim suddenly no longer reachable. A detective leaving three voicemails behind and sent her a letter with the request to contact.

A military court had Kelley in 2012 have been sentenced for domestic violence. He could later firearms buy, because the air force had left that to the civil authorities.

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