Playboy-playmate: ‘Had affair with Trump’

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Karen McDougal, a former “playmate” of Playboy, states that in 2006 had an affair with president Donald Trump. In the article Friday in The New Yorker was published, says McDougal also that they money has received to the stand to keep still.

stated to the magazine The New Yorker that they Trump met at a party in the Playboy Mansion in Los Angeles in June 2006, and shortly afterwards an affair with him began, that nine months.

McDougal stated that they are with the newspaper National Enquirer in August 2016, was agreed upon for the exclusive rights to her story to sell for $ 150,000. The story was, however, never published, which would fit within the practice of ‘catch and kill’. With this technique, buried tabloids stories to the person about whom they are going to as a favor to grant. David Pecker, the chairman of the publisher of the Enquirer, AMI, described Trump earlier as a ‘personal friend’.

In november 2016, reported the Wall Street Journal about the agreement. McDougal left the New Yorker to know that she regrets that they have the contract signed, but that they also feared repercussions if they are with the story to the outside would come.

The revelations follow just a few days after the Wall Street Journal reported that the lawyer of Trump 130.000 dollar paid to porn star Stephanie Clifford (‘Stormy Daniels’) to keep quiet about an alleged sexual adventures with the president in July 2006.

Donald Trump got married in 2005 with Melania, who in march 2016 gave birth to their son, Barron.

The White House denies the news about the affair, and labels the messages as “fake news”.

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