Oxfam boss: ’We have no babies killed?!’

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LONDON – The boss of Oxfam Great Britain, Mark Goldring, says the harsh criticism of his organization as a result of the seksfeestjes in noodgebieden – out of all proportion. “What have we done? Babies in their cribs are killed?”, “he said indignantly.

Goldring has in an interview with The Guardian responded to the heavy weather in which his organization has ended up. Last week came out that Oxfam staff during hulpmissies in Haiti and Chad seksfeestjes organized with prostitutes.

He stresses that there is “certainly mistakes were made” and offers his apologies. A part of the critique, however, he is difficult to contain. “The severity of the attacks makes you wonder what we have done,” he says. “We have babies in their cribs are killed?”


According to Goldring, the scale and sharpness of the criticism out of all proportion. Moreover, Oxfam is nothing good to do more, it sounds the further. “Everything we say is being manipulated. We are being slaughtered.”

The government in Haiti is going to start an investigation into the allegations around sexual abuse by members of Oxfam. “We want to fully shed light on this case and the controllers will find them and, if they be found guilty, punish”, stated the minister of Foreign Affairs, Antonio Rodrigue.

Tip of the iceberg

Oxfam opened itself a study in 2011, after four employees were fired and three himself resigned. The Haitian government accuses Oxfam of the authorities at the time, not on the height. “The rules are clear: they must be the laws of the country comply, but also the government to inform about important information,” says Rodrigue. He had the stories about the seksschandaal eventually told by the media.

Also the Haitian president, Jovenel Moïse, stunned, and want more clarity. According to him, the stories about Oxfam “only the tip of the iceberg” and there is a significant body of research, but also to other relief organizations such as Doctors without Borders.

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