Oxfam: ‘Attacks are out of proportion’

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Aid organization Oxfam in the counter-attack after the seksschandaal. In the British newspaper The Guardian calls the Uk Oxfam-ceo of the attacks to be disproportionate.

Mark Goldring offers in the interview again, apologies for the allegations of sexual abuse by Oxfam staff after the earthquake in Haiti.

“But the severity of the attacks makes you wonder what we have done, that is what he quoted. ‘We have babies in their beds, murdered?’

He finds that the scale and intensity of the attack are not in proportion with the culpability. “Everything we say is being manipulated, we are being slaughtered,” he says.

On Twitter get the Oxfam-ceo angry comments, among others, of the former Interior minister Jacqui Qmith. ‘Dear Mark Goldring, you have to be here not the victim.’


At the Belgian branch of Oxfam, they understand the reaction of the British section. ‘I imagine also the question about the timing, ” says secretary general Stefaan Declerck on Radio 1. ‘That is quite remarkable and we can talk about a strategy for the whole sector to harm.’

He refers to the petition from Daily Expressreaders who want the British budget for development aid is going down. Exactly on the day that The Times the seksschandaal revealed, delivered the aartsconservatieve politician Jacob Rees-Mogg to the cabinet of the prime minister.


The seksschandaal of Oxfam threatens the image of the ngo a substantial dent. In Great Britain decided more than 1.270 donors to stop their financial support.

The president of Haiti named Friday, sexual misconduct on the part of Oxfam employees are only the tip of the iceberg. He called for an investigation into Doctors without Borders and other relief organizations that came to the country after the earthquake in 2010.


The central figure in the seksschandaal is the Belgian Roland Van Hauwermeiren, the British Oxfam to the disaster in Haiti led. For him, the story is not yet over. Journalists of the British tabloidkrant Daily Mail have now in Haiti a 23-year-old woman identified says she was a 16-year-old hundreds of times paid had sex with Van Hauwermeiren. If the Haitian minister of Justice depends, he will be there to be persecuted.

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