’Organisations like Oxfam knew 10 years of abuse’

1ec8a43c802fe6ddcecabf051d4a0cc0 - ’Organisations like Oxfam knew 10 years of abuse’

LONDON – aid agencies, including Oxfam, were ten years ago warned that children are abused sexually in Haiti. Children under seven years were given food and other resources in exchange for sex, reports the British newspaper The Independent from a report of Save the Children.

The 2007 report on report large-scale abuse during 23 assistance, peace and security operations in Haiti, côte d’ivoire and the then southern Sudan. It was going to be , any form of sexual abuse that conceivable is”, including rape, prostitution, pornography, sexual slavery and human trafficking.

The children did not report, because they did not know where they went, or because they are the authorities wantrouwden.

The report is of three years for the incident in Haiti which Oxfam now discredited is hit. Employees of the organisation would be after the earthquake in 2011, young prostitutes have hired.

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