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One first division has debt of more than 600,000 euros in TAXES

In the Jupiler Pro League, there is one club with a late payment to the OFFICE of 624.785,84 euro. In 1B, there are two clubs which in total have 32.833,22 euros to the national SOCIAL security office. If the liabilities of the amateur football clubs are taken into account, the total SOCIAL security debt of all these clubs to 2.86 million. This is evident from the answer of minister of Social Affairs Maggie De Block to a written question from Brecht Vermeulen (N-VA).

The above figures relate to the second quarter of 2017. The total backlog of football clubs in 1A and 1B, in recent years, increased from 500.815,41 euro in the fourth quarter of 2014 to 657.619,06 euro in the second quarter of 2017. The member 1A, the team contested, however, its debt of 624.785,84 euro. None of the three clubs from 1A and 1B with debts to the national SOCIAL security office has an installment plan walk.

In the first amateurklasse have two clubs a total backlog at the OFFICE of 66.629,26 euro, one of which is the debt disputed. In the second amateurklasse goes to 11 clubs with a debt, from 1.94 million euros. Two clubs are in liquidation, and six others are in the RSZ is not known as an employer. In the third amateurklasse are six clubs together for a SOCIAL security deficit of 199.623,36 euro. Here are 36 clubs not known as the employer, and 15, as the employer, shall be deleted by the NSSO. In total, this amateurreeksen only two clubs an installment plan.

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